Comet Mensa Public School

Comensians Qualify Sainik School Exams 2018


Comet Mensa fifth class students cleared Sainik School Entrance Exam. The students had been given the result oriented teachings with relevant syllabi at the school. Sourabh Chambial, Akarsh Kumar, Tanish Koundal and Avinash Rana of class fifth cleared the Sainik School Entrance Exam and this has brought pride to the school and the parents. The school management and teaching staff are putting more vigil and result oriented syllabi and teaching methodologies to have a successful result for the students. The school had arranged syllabi including CDs and books from Coimbatore and now aiming to have success of the students in the interview. Managing Director Mr Vasu Soni and the school Principal Mr Ravinder Singh Pathania congratulated the students and encouraged them to achieve the zenith of their career.