Play-way and Fun Filled Methodology for Kindergarten (Nursery Classes)

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Kindergarten is a German word which literally means a garden for children in age group of 3 to 5 and comprises a range of early childhood Educational Practices.
At Comet Mensa the focus is to help every child learn at an easy and carefree place according to their capability in a very cozy, comfortable and collaborative environment. The school has well experienced efficient teachers to take care of the tiny-tots. Teachers take pains to instill a love of learning and pay special attention to the needs of each and every child. The school has a spacious activity-room and ball-room where the little ones can play and engage themselves in activities to improve their coordination and reflexive responses. Children are also introduced to Mathematical skills development and taught addition and subtraction with examples. Stories with Puppets alongwith video screening is provided in PVR and additionally LED with Wi-Fi online is functional in all classes. All children at Comet Mensa develop ability in a very conducive atmosphere.
Outdoor Facilities include tri-cycles, rocking toys, slides, see-saw, trumpling, merry-go-round and a sprawling garden with lush-green lawns and flowers. Besides all this, art and craft activities like cutting and pasting, hand-print, vegetable art and drawing with crayons is done to hone artistic skills under expert care and supervision which makes Comet Mensa an excellent institution to launch the early education of children.