Comet Mensa Public School

Methodology of teaching


Well-structured curriculum The school has a child–centric unique curriculum, which adopts an innovative pedagogy to develop each student`s inherent potential. The entire learning process has been developed, and distributed appropriately, across the four distinctive learning stages that are designed to help every child realise his/her talent to the fullest. This initiative endeavors to make available a vast resource of knowledge content to each class through an interactive multimedia Smart Board. It fosters a better understanding and ignites a joyous learning environment for the students. The entire content is mapped to the curriculum class-wise.1. Brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life.2. Improves the teacher`s effectiveness and productivity.3. Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.4. Maximizes the academic performance of students.5. Enables a constant monitoring of your child`s progress in class.Scientific teaching methods: The objective is to teach children at their own natural pace. The facilitator approaches learning in a sequential manner from easy to difficult. This ensures that concept clarity leads to a strong base, before the child moves to the next higher level of learning.The teaching methods adopted ensure that every child absorbs maximum new knowledge in a natural and effortless way. This enables slow learners to reach the requisite standards, whilst allowing the gifted children opportunities to constantly engage in challenging tasks of a higher order. Thus, an ambience of all-round joyous learning is created by using stimulating educational content.Intuitive assessments: Creative assessments are integrated into every subject in order to better identify the strengths and limitations of each child. A specially designed program is used to interpret the data collected and the results are a part of the ongoing scientific assessment of the child. The analysis is further used to guide the children about their strengths and enable them in making future vocational choices.